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Siding Contractor

Handyman Services Plus is a professional siding contractor with the experience to offer a wide array of home improvements. Our clients trust us with the exterior of their home, from siding services to window installation and more.

Your home can be so much more than just a place to live; it can be an extension of who you are as a person and a way to express your tastes and interests. With our home renovations, we can help you get the most out of your house. Vinyl sliding is a great option for any home remodeling project. It is durable, low maintenance, and easy to clean with a soft bristled brush and a bucket of soapy water. There is also no need for expensive repainting. We assure you that you’ll have a home that fits your aesthetic.

Handyman Services Plus in Columbus, OH is committed to providing our clients quality siding services. Give our company a call at (614) 288-8341 for more information!